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The Sparrow Has Found Her a Nest

29 May

The weather for past couple of weeks have been miserable, but today dawned clear and bright – always, of course, subject to change without notice – so we decided to hang out what clothes hadn’t gone through the electric drier yesterday.  Sheets and rugs, for the most part.

I use plastic milk jugs to hold my clothespins; they are virtually free, pretty much biodegradable, and easily replaced. I slice the handle just where it joins the body of the jug, cut an opening in the front, and slip it over the line. The jugs slide along the line easily and three of them hold all the pins we need.

I’ve been keeping the pins on a shelf on the patio when we’re not using them, and when I went to grab them this morning, this is what I found. One deserted bird’s nest, made of moss and dried leaves. Safe from wind, ran, and various predators. Clever, these little creatures. I’m just glad it had been abandoned, as I would have done without rather than disturb the mama bird.

DSCN0677 (2)

Weather – or no

3 Jan

The Squire ran into an old acquaintance in the grocery store yesterday afternoon, and Frank proceeded to tell him exactly why we’re having such dreadful weather.

All those years we had lovely weather, and the factories were pumping all sorts of stuff into the atmosphere, y’see, but recently the Democrats made them stop filling the skies with fluorocarbons and  mercury and CO2, so now it rains all the time. The Squire didn’t bother to point out the fact that President Obama passed laws to remove the pollutants, and we had eight years of sunny weather. It is a Republican president who has started filling the skies with pollutants, and the heavens have been weeping ever since.

Frank wouldn’t have believe him, anyway.