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Happy Anniversary!

28 Nov

Today is OurWeddingour 39th wedding anniversary, and neither of us are any the worse for wear. We actually got married on Thanksgiving day, and this is only the third time the dates have coincided.

I was working at Blue Cross at the time, and December through the end of March was our busiest season. We had Open Enrollment for the Federal Government, students and Medicare recipients, as well as 19 years olds coming off their parents policies. If you died you had to send in your next of kin to take your place.  Fortunately, we did have a four day weekend for Thanksgiving, so The Squire and I decided to jump at it. That or wait until after April 1st.

This was a second marriage for both of us – a second wedding, but a first marriage, and there’s a big difference. Oddly enough, we had both had civil services the first time around, and we wanted a religious ceremony this time.  I wanted to look like a bride, without being Queen of the May, tra-la, tra-la, and this is the dress I found. It was actually a bridesmaid’s dress, but it was just what I wanted.

And so was The Squire.

Proud Grandmother

9 Oct

OK, so I am not the first person in the world to have a granddaughter get married, but you have to admit she’s something special. She’s just one of those people the camera loves. When she told us she was getting married in a barn, I thought “ugh”, but this is not just any barn.

The black box contains a love letter each wrote to the other, and a bottle of wine. The box was nailed shut as part of the wedding ceremony. If they ever feel their marriage has come completely unglued, they are to open the letters and read them together, and have a glass of wine. Otherwise, they will open the box on their 25th anniversary.