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Pyloric Stenosis

11 Nov

If it isn’t one thing…

…it’s something else.  Eldest daughter called here shortly before 1 PM to say our grandson’s wife was heading to the hospital because their little boy was having projectile vomiting and dry diapers. Classic pyloric stenosis.  This is a condition were the opening between the stomach and the intestines is either blocked or very narrow, and the baby cannot get any nourishment from the food ingested. It is obviously  life-threatening, but it is cured with a fairly simply surgical procedure.  Or as simple as surgery can be on an infant only a month old. He is on IVs right now, and they will do the surgery in the morning. Kristen’s sister is with her, as is her sister-in-law, but she is still a nervous wreck.

Poor Kristen is having to handle this very frightening situation when her husband is in the Middle East.  As a shirt-tail member of the medical profession I know what this is, but it’s an entirely different situation when it is your first-born, an only child – and you’re alone. And it’s no picnic for Matthew, either, to be far away and unable to offer “aid and comfort”.

So far, they’ve had to deal with Kristin’s paralysis, jaundice, and now this. OK. Enough, please!

On the brighter side, it seems the pain in The Squire’s tummy is a reaction to medicine prescribed for the pain in his feet. Well, there are a zillion different pain killers on the market, so we’ll be able to handle that without too much trouble.

The man is a fast reader. He went to the library on Wednesday morning and last night he finished reading At The Sign of Triumph, in spite of having been  on the road most of yesterday. All eight hundred pages. Yeesh!

I started in on it this morning, but I’m not making nearly the progress he made!



And Now, We All Have a New King

9 Nov

Or so said Edward VIII.  And, today is also the anniversary of Krystal Nacht, which somehow just seems wildly appropriate.

And it is raining, to boot.

So – The Squire is settled in the recliner, reading the latest David Weber Safehold book, and I took advantage of the damp weather and his journey to outer space to pull the wallpaper off the dollhouse, and rebuild the drawers. All three drawers had come unglued, and one of them was missing a side and the back, so I dug out a piece of basswood and cut those. Much clamping and stacking of books.


These pictures look as if they were taken in a haunted house!  There was a Monet over the fireplace; no idea where that went. Probably “classing up” some mouse’s nest, I imagine. The paper came off the bedroom walls in one large piece, but the moulding stayed put. This is rather mysterious, as the moulding was glued to the paper. Beats me.

Election Day and Starting the Doll House

8 Nov

The Squire and I left the house early (for us) and drove over to Kingsville to vote. Tout le monde was there, as they say.  It took us an hour to cast our votes, and when we left the building, the line was even longer than when we arrived.  A quick trip to the laundromat, and we got the clothes on the line as soon as we got home.

After a bite of lunch, I started in on the doll house. As I said before, the poor house has suffered from neglect, and is in horrible condition. Today, all I did was vacuum out the various dead leaves,  dead bugs, and goodness-knows-what from the rooms, and then wiping down the entire house with a wet rag.


These are views from the rear of the house, the side, and the front. As you can see, I have my work cut out for me!  The entire roof is missing from the left side, and the tower has also lost its roof. The front door is gone, and most of the windows are either missing entirely or laying on the floor.

Standard Time Blues

6 Nov

All last week, I had to be up at 5:30 to get myself scraped into a heap, made reasonably presentable, run a rake through my hair, and get out the door. Saturday morning – yesterday – Blazer decided 5:30 was time enough for me to crawl out of bed.

This morning, the silly dog was still on daylight time, and had me out of bed at half-past four. Thanks a bunch, puppy! I let him out, forgot to turn off the alarm, and awakened The Squire. And probably half the neighbourhood, to boot.

Gave him a short breakfast and wandered back to bed. Unfortunately, I was not able to get back to sleep as easily as I had hoped, as my Restless Leg Syndrome kicked in. Quite literally. I was all over the bed. Back downstairs, and took a second pill. As a result, I was honest-to-goodness staggering when The Squire pried me out from between the covers. Not a happy camper.

We had yet another supply priest this morning – a very nice lady named Retta.  She was very pleasant, understanding our little quirks, and preached a good sermon. We’ve had a few priests who wandered so far afield they – and we – seemed to forget what the message was supposed to BE.

And then, when we got home from church, Blazer met us at the top of the drive. No leash, and the kitchen door was wide open. Lovely. Apparently, The Squire had turned the latch, and I had followed him out without a) turning on the alarm, and b) hadn’t even pulled the door shut, which allowed Blazer to nudge it open with his nose.

I told you I wasn’t awake!

I spent most of the afternoon working on our grandson’s dollhouse. I made this up for Matthew when he was about five, and after he and his younger sister both outgrew it, the house languished first in the barn and then on the porch. Neither location was what you’d call “optimal” and it is in sad shape. I’ve ordered new wallpaper and carpeting, but the poor house practically needs to be completely rebuilt. I may invite his wife to come down and lend a hand if we want to get this job finished before he gets home in mid-January.

The original house is here:   Scroll down to “Matthew’s McKinley”. I’ll post new shots here from time to time.




The End of the Week

4 Nov

After a rough start on Monday, the rest of the week went much more smoothly.

The place where I am working is one of the best in the world. Management does everything possible to provide a pleasant atmosphere, and it shows in the people in the office.  I’ve never met anybody who was unhappy or snarly, and that has certainly not been the case in many other places I have worked.

I left early enough on Tuesday to take a chance on going over Phoenix Road, which cuts a mile off the trip, and is at least five minutes faster.  I used that route the rest of the week. There is very little traffic, and only one light at either end of a single lane bridge, to prevent accidents. The road curves through pastures and runs beside a tiny hamlet which I’m willing to bet was the original town of Phoenix. A cluster of turn-of-the-century houses, painted in many colours, perched higgledy-piggledy on the side of hill. It just lights up my day to see them!

The Squire had dinner ready for me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both last night and this evening we went out for dinner. Last night was a bit less than a success; we went to Ruby Tuesday, as we had a coupon. His steak was overcooked and I think my pasta dish had been made up and left under a heat lamp for a bit too long, as it was very dry. Tonight, we went to a local eatery, The Sunshine Grille, and had a fabulous meal for about two-thirds the price. I’d rather patronize local businesses, any way.

When I called home to say I was leaving work, The Squire murmured that he’d “love to meet me for dinner”.  After forty-some years, he’s still my knight in shining armor. Or amour. Whichever.